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High School Nurse's Office

Please Note:
Beginning Sept 1, 2016, New York state will require all 7th and 12th graders to have proof of having had the meningitis vaccine in order to attend school.

Information January 2015: 
As part of the NYS BMI survey, information about student's weight status category will be included in a report to the NYSDOH. Only summary information will be sent. No names and no information about individuals will be sent.However, you may choose to have your child's information excluded from the report by contacting the school nurse.
Annual Physical Examinations:Physicals are mandated by NYS for students entering grades K, 2, 4, 7 and 10. The physical must be on file at the Health Office within 2 weeks of the start of school in September. The physician's office Immunization record on your child should be sent to the school along with the copy of the physical.
Immunizations:NYS requires all children entering school to  be immunized against measles, mumps, rubella, diptheria, tetanus, pertussis, hepatitis B, polio, and varicella(chicken pox). Children entering 6th and 7th grade must have written proof from their physician of having had the chicken pox disease or receiving the vaccination. All students in grade 6, 7, 8 and 9 are also required to have the Tdap vaccine.
Athletics:All students participating in interscholastic sports must have a physical every 12 months. A copy of this physical must be on file in the Health Office prior to the first practice.
Medication:If a parent submits a written request and it is accompanied by a written request from the student's physician stating the name of the medication, the dose and times to be given during school, then the school nurse may administer the medication during school hours.This applies to over-the-counter medications as well as prescription meds.  The medicine must be brought to the Health office by a parent in the original bottle from the pharmacy. A parent must pick up any medication that is left at the end of the school year.
Health Screenings:Students are screened periodically for height, weight, vision, hearing and scoliosis.
Contact Information:School nurses are responsible for first aid care of students who are injured or become ill during the school day. If this occurs, every effort is made to contact family. This is dependent on  accurate information from you, the parents. Emergency contact information forms will be mailed home to every student at the end of August. Please return these forms to the homeroom teacher as soon as possible after the start of school in Sept, even if your information has not changed from the previous year.If your information changes during the year, please notify the school as soon as possible.
If you have any health concerns or questions regarding your child, please contact Tomasina Trank at 374-7914 or by email