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Health Services – A Healthy Child Learns

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Good attendance is an essential part of a child’s school experience and should be developed and maintained throughout the school years.
The compulsory education sections of New York education law requires children between the ages of six and sixteen to be in attendance when school is in session unless they have an excused reason for being absent.  Excused reasons for absence are described as: sickness, serious illness or death in the immediate family, impassable roads or weather making travel unsafe, religious observance, approved supervised trips, required presence in court.  Absence or tardiness for any other reason is considered unexcused.

Parents are requested to notify the attendance office (Elementary at 374-7953; High School at 374-7913) before 9:00 a.m. on the day of absence or tardiness.  Verification calls will be made to parents about the absence of students if the school is not notified.  In addition, a parental written statement explaining the reason for absence or tardiness should be submitted to the attendance office upon return to school.
Students who plan to enter school late or leave early must have a note explaining the situation. Students also must be signed in or out of the building by a parent, in the principal’s office at the Elementary school and the nurse’s office at the High School.
Health and Safety
When a child becomes ill or is injured at school, every effort is made to notify their parent/guardian.  The Student Emergency Information Cards on file in the nurse’s office provide the district with telephone numbers, addresses, and physicians’ names.  Any changes in information should be submitted to the school nurse for updating.  If a child requires Immediate Emergency Care, the school nurse will exercise her professional judgment in order to expedite that care, e.g. the E.M.T. and Naples Ambulance may be called for transportation to the hospital.  Parents will be notified immediately and advised.
Accident Reports
Any injury or accident that occurs during school hours on the premises or at any school-related event off school premises needs to be reported to the school nurse.  A timely accident report must be filled out to insure that proper medical needs and insurance requirements are met.
Dispensing of Medication
According to New York State Health Law, any medication (Prescription or Non-Prescription) to be administered in school must be given directly to the nurse by an adult in the prescribed bottle or container in which the medicine was purchased. It is necessary to receive written permission from the parent and physician before any medication will be given.  The note should include; Permission for the nurse to administer the drug; Name of the drug; Times to be given; Duration of times; Possible side effects. Medication forms may be picked up in the nurse’s office.
Students are not permitted to have medications in their possession.  All medicines (Prescription and Non-Prescription) are to be kept in the nurse’s office locked in an appropriate receptacle.  The exception to this rule would be a Doctor’s orders specific to a life-threatening situation that would require a student to carry his/her medication.

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