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Food Services

Picture of a wall with all the lunch ladies names.

Deena Kingston
Food Service Manager
P:  (585) 374-7938

Roberta Stevens
Food Service (High School)
P:  (585) 374-7900 ext. 7917

Chris Wheaton

Food Service (Elementary)
P:  (585) 374-7900 ext. 6131

Online Account Payment Option


The Naples Central Food Service staff is always looking forward to providing students with the highest quality and well-balanced nutritious meals.  Please use the links below to learn more about our Free and Reduced Lunch program, look at our menus, and get more information about our school meal accounts.

Every student enrolled in the Naples Central School District has a student number. That number is attached to the student’s school records, library privileges, computer use, and cafeteria purchases.

When students make purchases at breakfast or lunch in Naples schools, the computer driven cash register will show a display identified with his/her student number. That is the child’s account. The visual display will include a picture, grade and teacher, any allergies or special diets, and the balance of any money on account. Not shown in the display is information about the child’s eligibility for free or reduced-priced meals and a history of purchases. The cashier uses a touch screen to enter the child’s choices, and a total will appear of money due. If the child receives free meals, the total will be zero. If money has been deposited in the child’s account, the purchases will automatically be subtracted from the total amount on deposit.

Parents can send money (cash or check*) to the food service department and we will credit the student’s account. Families can send one check* for all their children, indicating to us in a note how they would like the money divided. Parents can call the Food Service office to request a printout of the child’s expenditures and/or place purchasing restrictions for their child's account. 

Students will be issued an ID card which has a UPC code of their student number. They can use the ID card with a scanner to call up their account at the cafeteria cash register, or enter their student number by PIN pad. 

We encourage parents to pre-pay student accounts. It creates a great “safety-net” for young students, even if your child often brings lunch from home, you’ll know that the money is there in case their packed lunch is lost or forgotten. And on the days when we serve your child’s favorite lunches, the money is already there to buy a meal. For older students, the convenience of purchasing our low priced lunches every day, knowing your child has 5 or 6 choices of entrees, and that you can control how much money they spend on snacks, is easier and more economical than packing lunch from home. And, your child moves through the line much faster when his/her account is prepaid.

*Please make checks payable to NCS Cafeteria