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Community Update March 28, 2024

NCS Community Update

Good afternoon,
As we approach our spring break, I wanted to take a moment to share with you some NCS updates. It has been a busy stretch in recent weeks and without question, the remaining weeks of the school year will be equally busy as we move towards the conclusion of the 23-24 school year.

For those of you who were able to see the NCS High School Musical “Matilda,” you already know what an outstanding job our students did. Despite the fact that our performers were without an auditorium here at NCS due to construction, the folks at Bristol Valley Theatre were kind enough to host us. As always, some of our “veteran” performers once again shined on the stage. At the same time, the future looks incredibly bright with our younger performers who have numerous productions ahead of them. Thanks to our directors, families, and the community for all of your support in making this production a success!

As you may recall, NCS applied for and received a grant last year which covered the cost of two electric buses along with a significant percentage of the infrastructure needed to charge the buses. Last week, NCS received our buses and the necessary infrastructure work for the chargers is now in place. Over the next few weeks, Pat Elwell, our Transportation Director, will be familiarizing himself and our drivers with these new vehicles through training sessions and we hope to see our buses on the road soon. To date, Governor Hochul continues to support the NYS mandate that requires only the purchase of EV buses after 2027 and that all school buses shall be zero emission by 2035. Whether or not we see some adjustment to this mandate is unknown and regionally it is our hope this mandate is altered. While EV vehicles can likely play a role in our transportation fleet, a complete transition presents many challenges that districts will struggle to overcome. The fact we have utilized this grant to access two buses and the necessary infrastructure to support them demonstrates that NCS has at minimum taken steps (at little to no community cost) to adhere to the mandate. This may serve us well should the mandate hold, either as written or in a revised form.

In terms of our capital project, I am pleased to share that all continues to go well. The first block of NES classroom renovations is now complete, and teachers will have transitioned to those new spaces. This is very exciting and work on the next block of classrooms will begin immediately. Work in the HS Auditorium is also progressing rapidly; demolition of the roof structure is commencing and once complete, focus will shift to many of the finishes inside of the Auditorium space. The communication between our architects, construction managers, administrators, and teachers has been outstanding; it is this collaboration that has helped minimize disruptions and keep this exciting project on track.

Lastly, I wanted to provide you with an update on the NES principal search process. This week, the application period will be closing and we continue to screen applicants. Screening interviews will take place after the April break, followed by a committee round of interviews comprised of teachers, aides, and parents. Our goal will be for this committee to recommend 2-3 candidates who will prepare presentations to the NES faculty later in April, with the hopes of identifying a successful candidate on or around May 1 st . In the meantime, Ms. Saucke continues to lead work around scheduling for next year to assist with a smooth transition.

Should you be vacationing next week, I wish you safe travels and the best of weather. Take care and enjoy your weekend.


Kevin Swartz
NCS Superintendent