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Picture of the bus staff in front of a school bus.

Chad Hunt
Director of Transportation
P: (585) 374-7975

April Sanko
Head Bus Driver
P: (585) 374-7945

Pat Elwell
Head Mechanic
P: (585) 374-7940

Adam Fitzgerald

"It is our mission to provide Naples Central School District with efficient, reliable and safe transportation at all times.  We will approach our jobs with passion and committment towards reaching this goal."


SBSIOSAAT, No it’s not a typo.  
School Bus Safety Is One Stop at a Time and it is what we as bus drivers live by.  What does it really mean? In a nut shell, Education, Education, Education!  Students at NCS are reminded formally three times a year during bus safety drills and daily from their driver how to wait for, board and disembark from their school bus.  Parents should also be aware that we have the students follow six lifesaving tips;

Check before you step.  Students should be looking out the door for passing motorists and a safe space to step before they exit the bus. Reason:  School buses are sometimes passed on the right side by inattentive or impatient motorists.  Students will need to get fifteen feet away from the bus quickly so the driver can pull away from the stop.  If the bus stops at a puddle or snow bank, the student will not be able to get clear of the bus danger zone easily.  Students and drivers alike should always be conscious of their drawstrings, scarves, backpack straps, dangling toys or trinkets which can get caught on bus hand rails or in the door as it closes.  This can cause a child to be dragged by their bus.  Our drivers remain vigilant about this extreme danger.

I See The Driver, The Driver Sees Me. Students should be looking at the driver’s face while waiting to cross in front of the bus.  Reason: If a student can see the driver’s face, the driver should be able to see the student, which means the student has moved out of the driver’s blind spot in front of the bus.

Wait for the Driver’s Signal to Cross.  Students cannot see through the bus for traffic that may be traveling by the bus, therefore it is essential the student waits for the driver’s signal to cross.  The driver utilizes all bus mirrors to analyze what traffic is doing.  It is only after the driver is assured the traffic is controlled that he uses the universal crossing signal to safely send your child across the street. The universal crossing signal is the driver’s hand up, palm facing the child, indicating the STOP signal.  Then when all is clear, the driver gives a thumbs up, then an index finger pointing toward the direction the child is safe to travel.
Left, Right and Left Again.  When crossing in front of the bus after the driver has given the universal signal to do so, the student should walk to the middle of the road or edge of the bus, stop, look left, right and left again before proceeding to the other side of the road. This encourages the child to walk across the road and to be aware of traffic and other potential dangers and not to run across the roadway which could be very dangerous.

Use Backpacks or Book bags.  Students should carry books and other items in a backpack or tote bag.  Children will be less likely to drop something that they may return to pick up and while doing so, be run over by their own bus.

Horn Means Danger.  The bus horn is our state’s Universal Danger Signal.  If the bus driver perceives danger while the child is crossing, the horn means “Get back to the side of the road you started from.”


Naples Central School bus drivers have been assigned specific routes which they are required to follow and not deviate from.  They also have a schedule that they are required to keep, with exceptions to natural obstacles or inclement weather. As a general rule and for the safety of your child our drivers are instructed to load students door side, which means when they pull up to your stop the school bus door opens and your child steps onto the bus when instructed to do so.  In most cases they will not cross the road.  If you live on a route where your bus passes your home more than once, door side loading will still be practiced.  If your child has to board the bus on the first pass to load door side that will be your designated stop.  Our drivers have been instructed to stop once and only once at each stop.  If your child misses the bus when it is stopping for door side boarding, you will be responsible to provide transportation to school.  The bus will not stop a second time.
In fairness to all students on the bus route, it is essential that your student be at their scheduled bus stop five (5) minutes prior to the expected arrival of your bus.  Your driver will stop, but will not wait or honk the horn.  If you or your child is not visible they will move on to the next stop in order to remain on schedule.  Parents are solely responsible for providing transportation to school for their children if they miss the school bus. 

While waiting for the school bus, remain at least fifteen (15) feet away from the edge of the roadway.  Wait for the bus to come to a complete stop and the signal has been given to safely board the bus.  Orderly conduct at the bus stop is expected at all times.  Disorderly conduct and vandalism to personal property at the bus stop will be punishable in accordance with the disciplinary guidelines set forth by the Board of Education.   


Students are expected to remain seated throughout the bus ride.  Talking at a reasonable volume with their fellow classmates is permissible- no excessive noises or screaming/yelling allowed.  Students who cannot behave in an orderly fashion will be disciplined accordingly.

Check with your students’ bus driver before sending large objects with your child for transport on the bus.  Skis, Ski poles, and large musical instruments pose a potential hazard on the bus and the driver has the option to refuse transport if he/she feels in any way that the item in question may endanger your student or other passengers.  At the driver’s request, your child may be asked to put the large item in the exterior cargo hold.  The student will have to do this without the assistance of the driver.  At no time is the driver to disembark from the bus while students are on board, unless it is an emergency situation where the driver deems it essential to do so.

Within the Naples Central School District, there are roads, which because of various conditions cannot be safely traveled by our school buses. The following list is not all-inclusive; other roads may be added as necessary.  Listed below are roads not currently serviced, either wholly or in part:  Bills Road, Bopple Hill Road, East Hill Road, Flint Hill Road, Fribolin Road, Griesa Hill Road, Hawks Road.  Hickory Bottom Road (lower end), Lyon Road (Steuben County), Maxfield Road (north end), Parrish Hill Road, South Hill Road, Stid Hill Road, Sunnyside (at the lake).

Questions regarding district transportation should be directed to April Sanko at 374-7945, Adam Fitzgerald or Pat Elwell at 374-7940
If you anticipate moving to or within the district, you are urged to contact the school regarding school bus service to your new location.




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