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Community Update October 7, 2022

NCS Community,
I hope this communication finds you well.  It is hard to believe that we are now well into October.  Our students and staff have settled into routines which create a sense of predictability and consistency.  We know that this is beneficial for our students, both academically as well as emotionally.  As we move further into October, our fall sports teams will be preparing for sectional competition and we wish all of our athletes the best of luck going forward.

As you may recall last December, the NCS community approved a 16.32 million dollar referendum to support our 2023 capital project.  Identified areas of focus for this project included significant renovations to our HS auditorium, classroom renovations at the Naples Elementary School, playground upgrades, technology upgrades, and improvements to our athletic fields and elementary gymnasium.  We are now well into the design phase of this capital project and while we look forward to breaking ground next summer, we also need to be mindful of the current economic conditions that exist both locally and nationally.

It is no secret that over the past year, costs for fuel, steel, lumber, electronics, and other building materials have skyrocketed.  Further, supply chain shortages, work force shortages, and inflation have also driven prices to levels not seen in decades.  As NCS works with our architects and construction managers, we are keeping a close eye on how these conditions will impact our 2023 project.  While the work for this project will not go out to bid until early 2023, current estimates show we could be between 15-20% over the initial budgeted referendum.  This certainly comes as no surprise as other regional districts are seeing estimates as high as 30-40%.  Please know that this project will remain within the scope of our referendum; we will not be seeking additional support from the NCS community as we recognize everyone is navigating these turbulent and unpredictable economic times.

In the months ahead, NCS will be working carefully to identify which aspects of the project will go forth as planned, which aspects may be reduced in scope, and which aspects may be put on hold for future projects.  I will keep our community appraised as decisions are made.  While some aspects of the project may need to be altered, please know that all areas will remain priorities for the district going forward and we remain grateful for all of the support the community has provided for this project. 

Enjoy the long weekend and as always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns.

Kevin Swartz
NCS Superintendent