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Elementary Homework Policy

Homework serves as reinforcement and enrichment of the curriculum.  It provides the opportunity for follow-up evaluation of materials presented.  It also provides a means for a student to make up work missed while absent or finish assignments not completed in school.
Homework also includes projects, long-term assignments,
research, experiments, and independent study.
Guidelines for length of time on homework varies by grade level.
                                   4th grade - average of 2 hours a week
                                   5th grade - average of 3 - 4 hours a week
                                   6th grade - average of 4 - 5 hours a week
Please note these guidelines are an average.  Some students will need more time, other will need less.
Exact guidelines for late work will be established and followed by each teacher.  This will be done within the following framework.
   1.  All work will be finished.
   2.  Points will be taken off for late work.
   3.  Parents will be notified if there is a problem in
        receiving completed homework.
   4.  Homework may be made up in a variety of ways, i.e.,
        staying after school.
Those who comply to the set standards will meet with a higher degree of success.
Long-term absences will each be treated on an individual basis.
This policy is established for the benefit of students and a guideline for parents and teachers.