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Happy New Year from NCS

Dear NCS Parents and Guardians:

As we age, most of us experience the feeling that time seems to move by faster and faster each year. When asked to explain this phenomenon, psychologists have pointed out that when we are young, we regularly experience first-time events that tend to leave lasting impressions. With the passage of time, however, familiar happenings require less mental energy to process, and the years often appear to pass by more quickly the older we get.

While this sensation might be slightly disconcerting for many of us, it is also an important reminder that the coming year will be filled with many “firsts” for our students here at NCS. First days of school, and first athletic competitions. First school dances, and first experiences playing musical instruments. First meaningful relationships, and first times grappling with challenging new ideas. Whatever the “first,” in Naples we are committed to making 2019 a year filled with special moments for each one of our students. 

There is a saying that “the bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.” As we prepare to begin a new 365 day journey, we thank you for your partnership, and we invite you to become “co-pilots” as we help our students find what they are passionate about at NCS.  

On behalf of our Big Green family, we wish you a Happy New Year!


Matt Frahm, Superintendent




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