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Thank You from the Naples Central School District

Dear NCS Parent/Guardian:

As we prepare for the start of 2018, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for your unwavering support of education here in the Naples Central School District. Earlier in the year, our Board of Education asked that you consider taking a fifteen-question survey to provide us with the valuable feedback needed for constant improvement. I am pleased to report that 118 parents and guardians completed the survey, and that the results were overwhelmingly positive. While a more detailed breakdown of the information can be found by clicking HERE, I wanted to highlight several areas of celebration as well as a couple places where we will continue to grow.

Areas of Celebration:
  • 87% of respondents feel welcome and respected when they attend meetings, conferences, or functions at NCS
  • 89% of parents and guardians believe their child has formed a meaningful relationship with at least one adult in the Naples Central School District
  • 91% of respondents believe their child feels safe when he/she goes to school
  • 90% of students participate on at least one athletic team or in at least one extracurricular activity
  • 93% of parents and guardians report seeing regular academic growth in their child
  • 89% of those who took the survey say they feel proud that their child attends the Naples Central School District
Areas Where We Can Continue to Grow:
  • Provide the academic, athletic, and extracurricular offerings needed to engage 100% of our students
  • Consistently enforce school policies and expectations
  • Reinforce a school culture where all students are valued and treated the same
  • Carefully examine class sizes—especially at the early grade levels
Among the forty-one optional comments that people provided, one parent or guardian wrote, “I love this school district!” Well, on behalf of the NCS Board of Education as well as our world-class faculty and staff, let me simply say—we do too. Our school is a special place because of your child, and we never forget how lucky we are to be a part of the “Big Green Family.”

Thank you for your continued support of education at NCS, and may you have a have a very Happy New Year.

Matt Frahm, Superintendent




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