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Covid Protocols Update - 1.19.2022

Covid Protocols Update 1.19.2022

** Please note this info is subject to change. Please look out for additional communication from the Superintendent. **

The New York State Department of Health (NYSDOH) has indicated they will no longer be contact tracing potential COVID exposures for individuals. In consideration of this and based on Ontario County Public Health (OCPH) feedback, students who have been quarantined, due to an exposure on the bus or during breakfast or lunch, have very rarely contracted COVID from that exposure. Rather than conducting individual contact tracing, public health will work with schools to continue to do cluster contact tracing when there appears to be multiple cases within a setting or cohort (team, classroom, lunch table, etc.). A cluster outbreak and subsequent investigation will be determined by Public Health based on multiple and proportionate cases within a group. 

Since contact tracing is no longer required, families of children who are exposed to a positive case will no longer receive a phone call from the state or county. Families should communicate with their school nurse if they have questions about their child’s potential exposure. In addition, OCPH is asking people to fill out the OCPH Attestation form (linked below) if your student needs to be quarantined or isolated.  

Additionally, quarantine protocols are still required if there is a positive case in the home and the students/staff member is unvaccinated. Also, please remember, as shared in a recent communication, if your student (or you as a staff member), tests positive for COVID, please notify your school nurse and fill out the county attestation form below. 

  • If you or your child is placed in isolation or quarantine, you will need to go onto the Ontario County Public Health website and fill out a verification form to be entered into their system to obtain a release. 


Lastly, COVID testing kits are now available for order through the US Postal Service.  Please use the link below to sign up for a delivery to your home address:

Thank you to the entire NCS community for your continued cooperation and support as we work to implement this new guidance.


Kevin Swartz

NCS Superintendent