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Dear NCS Families, Faculty, and Staff,

Earlier today, we were notified by the Ontario County Department of Health that one High School student and one student attending a program in another district tested positive for COVID-19. However, because neither of them attended classes at NCS or participated in any athletic or extracurricular activities during their infectious periods, we will continue with our normal school schedule and operations at this point in time.

Additionally, I also wanted to share that a “COVID-19 Tracker” (click here) has been posted to the homepage of our website under the “News & Updates” section. Each time we learn of a positive case involving students or staff members, the webpage will be updated immediately. However, beginning next week, I will only send out written notifications when a positive COVID-19 case results in the quarantining of students or staff. If there is no risk of exposure to members of our school community, I want to avoid over-communicating and causing unneeded concern.

Please know that we continue to work closely with our local Departments of Health on all reported cases, and that we are incredibly thankful for their ongoing support.

Hoping this finds you safe, healthy, and well.