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Educator Appreciation Week (May 4-8)

Dear Naples Parents and Guardians:

When it comes to academic achievement, we all know that it is important to have skilled educators working with students. However, because there are so many different factors influencing learning, you might wonder—how much of a difference do teachers actually matter?

Well, as it turns out, quite a bit.

After studying data related to student performance, the researcher and policy expert Eric Hanushek found that the difference between having an above-average and a below-average teacher can translate into a full grade level of achievement in a single year. That is a staggering difference, and it is a powerful reminder of how lucky we are to have 170 world-class educators working at NCS.

More importantly, however, is the impact that talented teachers have on changing lives. We are all the beneficiaries of teachers, aides, bus drivers, food service workers, etc. who saw things in us that we didn’t see in ourselves, and “Educator Appreciation Week” (May 4-8) is a time to thank them for their service.

In the days ahead, I hope you will join me in expressing gratitude for the adults who have made NCS their professional homes, and consider dropping them a warm call, email, text, card, or social media post to let them know how much you care.

Wishing you and your families continued good health.