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Retiree Waiver


In what instances may a request for approval of a retiree be submitted?

An application may be submitted where a temporary need exists and a thorough and good faith search for a non-retired individual to fill the position has not yet been successful.  All certified non-retired candidates for the position must first be considered. The position must have been broadly advertised, taking into consideration the location of the district.  The recruitment effort for a permanent employee must continue during the service of the interim employee.

An application may also be submitted in an emergency/extraordinary situation requiring an immediate interim appointment, which precludes the district from conducting as thorough a search as would ordinarily be conducted.  In this case, a description of the selection process the district uses to identify a temporary employee is to be included with the application.

When an approval for temporary employment of a retiree is granted, who must the employing entity notify?

Upon employment of a retiree under Section 211 waiver, the district, BOCES, or county VEEB must notify all resident taxpayers of the approved employment, the compensation package it will pay the retiree, and the retired person’s right to receive his/her pension while employed with the district or board.

An employer may satisfy this notification requirement by publishing this information on its Web site (if the district has one) and including it in the next regular mailing of its newsletter or bulletin to the community.

Current Retiree Waiver in the Naples Central School District:

Dr. Jeffrey Black, Interim Superintendent of Schools and School Business Administrator, Naples Central School District, hourly rate of $85.00, without benefits.