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Favorite Websites: 3-4

Country Reports

Letchworth Park History

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Naples History

Early Naples History

NYS Kid's Fun Page

Math Maven Mysteries

Erie Canal History

Famous NYers

Famous NYers List

George Washington Biography

Hooda Math Games


Martin Luther King

Martin Luther King, Enchanted Learning

Martin Luther King Speech

Martin Luther King Timeline

Vocabulary Games

St Patrick's Day Trivia Hunt

World Maps

Zoom Rainforest

FunBrain Games

The Planets

Our Solar System

National Geographic Animals

Animal Games

Animal Classification

Endangered Animals

Online Spelling

Tween Tribune

Amazing Food Detective


Kids Astronomy

Math Is Fun

IXL Math Practice

Keyboarding Games

Multiplication Practice

Trivia Games

Math/Thinking Skills Games

Fraction Games

Oswego Math Games

Fraction Fun

Nutrition Games

Nussbaum Math Games

Word Problems

Ellis Island Medical Insp.

Ellis Island Documents

Ellis Island Tour

Privacy Playground

Typing Games

Tumble Books

Edheads Simple Machines

BlastOff Nutrition Game

Net Smartz Games

History Place

Privacy Pirates

Erie Canal History

Cyberbullying Survey


Learn to Type Links

Create an Earthquake

Create a Volcano

Food & Nutrition Games


Learning About Circuits

Mrs. Becker's Blog Page

Smoking Stinks

Smoking Quiz

Nutrition Games

Mr. Nussbaum Games

Reading /ELA Games

Math & Grammar Games

Common Sense Assessment

Hour of Code

Bariteau BlogSpot



Halloween WebQuest Sites

Pumpkins Patch

Pumpkin Carving

Trick or Treating

Trick or Treating 2