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Favorite Websites: K-2

Clifford Interactive Storybooks

IXL Math

Kodak Bird Cam

Learn to Read

St. Patrick's Day Pot of Gold

US Mint for Kids

Peregrine Falcon WebCams

Online Spelling Program

Science & Math Game

New Scientist (Snowflakes)

Math is Fun


NASA Kids Club

A Walk in the Woods

Julia's Rainbow

Mouse Activity

Cornell Birds Site

US Presidents

Hooda Math Games

Picture Match Letter Sounds

Bees Mouse Practice

ABC Kindergarten

ABC 1st Grade

ABC 2nd Grade

Sesame St. Games

Red Fish Playroom

Samson's Classroom

Water Cycle & More

Literacy Games


Toy Theatre Math Games

Inland Fishes of NY

Stories to Read & Listen to

Sheppard Math Games

Sheppard Grammar Games

Food Group Games

Life Cycle & Science Games


Sheppard Animal Games

Theme Games

Tumble Books


Seussville Games

FunSchool-Earth Day

Food & Nutrition Games

My Garden

Mr. Nussbaum's Games Printable Cards

Winter Olympic Champions

Winter Olympics

Sochi Winter Olympics

Mrs B's Spelling List

50 States Collage


Reading/ELA Games

Math & Grammar Games

Simple Machines

Edheads Simple Machines

Net Smartz Games

Hour of Code

Earth Day Games